New Flooring

Posted by | June 15, 2014 | Van Maintenance | 7 Comments


  • Doug Bertram says:

    Awesome – is that a bit of sound deadening material laid on the subfloor of the bus?


  • Justin says:

    That looks like a nice liveability improvement! I’ve been wanting to do that too with some laminate or bamboo flooring. So do the cabinets actually sit atop the laminate now, or do you cut around them?

  • Wild Bill says:

    What a great job you did. I really like our panel flooring and such an easy clean up,too.

  • Deb P. says:

    We had some leftover vinyl laminate flooring from a basement reflooring project, so we used it in out 1986 Westfalia vanagon. I like the idea of vinyl since it is good even when it gets wet (like in my basement). We used an adhesive and underlayment paper to lay it down after we ripped up nasty carpet. We didn’t go under cabinets since I wasn’t sure how, and we also bought an inexpensive area rug to go on top of the floor. I can shake the rug out after sandy trips (plus we have 2 camping dogs who track stuff in all the time), or simply sweep dirt out as you have. We just returned from a month-long trip to Seattle from central Illinois, and the floor is very easy to keep clean. The only thing I’d like to do is find something for the edging of the floor when the sliding door is opened. To partly fix this, we laid the vinyl planking lengthwise (orthogonal to the way you laid your flooring).

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