Our bus is named Gazoo after the notorious Flintstones character “The Great Gazoo.” Gazoo came to us pretty well rebuilt from a seller in South Carolina, but there were a lot of things we still wanted to do in order to get him adventure-ready. We started by cleaning up the interior and re-laminating all the cabinets, then we tackled the engine tune up, auxiliary battery and solar panel system. He’s ready for anything the road throws our way.

1976 Volkswagen Westfalia

1800cc 2.0L Rebuilt Engine

4-Speed Manual Transmission

Maximum Speed – 65mph

100w Solar Panel mounted on roof

EnerPlex solar dashboard charging station

Wireless Internet

If you have any questions about our bus please feel free to ask. Also check out the blog, there are some posts about the interior restoration, solar panel installation and lot of other fun things. Learn more about our family.

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1. Found

We purchased Gazoo from a seller in South Carolina. Not much is known about the bus’ past life but we are very curious. We love that these buses carry so much history.

2. Restored

Gazoo earned a whole new paint job and lots of body work from it’s previous owner. The famous sage green color was our favorite – it’s why we bought him.

3. Tuned

Before leaving Colorado we wanted to take care of some minor engine issues in hopes to alleviate the work that will most likely need to be done on the road.

4. Maintained

The bus in in a constant state of repairs and maintenance but that’s just what is expected when you roll in a 40 year old bus. It’s definitely a journey, to say the least.