We are all Colorado natives, except for our dog Obi who is from Kansas, but don’t worry, he loves Colorado just as much as we do. While we’ve done plenty of traveling, we’ve never lived outside of our beautiful, landlocked state. This is the story of our adventures, challenges and discoveries along the way. Learn more about us below and please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any questions you might have! We love connecting with new people. Learn more about our bus.

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Designer, skateboarder & coffee geek.

Sean is a designer & developer that loves skateboarding and coffee. He can be spotted in coffee shops or pushing around at a skatepark. Sean works from the van using the onboard wifi. View his work here.


Plant growing, nature loving mama.

Becki loves growing plants, baking and adventure. She can often be found out playing with the kid, with a book in hand, or organizing the van. She loves riding bicycles, swimming and driving Gazoo.


Eat, sleep, explore, repeat.

Knox is a 11 month old busy, baby kid. He is very fond of Obi, loves climbing and is showing no signs of fear as of yet…this worries mama. Knox loves reading, clapping and smiling. Nothing can get this kid down.


Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball.

Obi is a seven year old, snow and water loving goldendoodle. He adores being front and center to the action and as long as he has a ball, treats and the occasional lake to swim in, he is a happy camper.