Support comes in the most random of ways.

This journey has brought us some amazing memories along with a handful of challenges along the way, mostly with keeping up with the maintenance on our Westy. We were inspired to hop in our van and live out this wild adventure, and hope to inspire others to follow their dreams of adventure, too. We think it’s important to step outside your comfort zone and truly experience the world around you.

If you’ve been inspired by our story or just want to support a little family on the road, look in the sidebar for ways you can support our journey. Words of encouragement, local restaurants recommendations, hidden gems and road trip music suggestions are always appreciated.

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We are open to sponsorship opportunities. If you’re looking to sponsor our little expedition, email us and we would love to make something work.


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If you’ve enjoyed our blog or just want to support family adventure – donations are extremely helpful! The bus seems to need parts and maintenance nearly every week, both of which get very expensive.

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Have an unused vacation home or driveway you’d let us park in for the night? Want to host a dinner or enjoy a cup of coffee together? We are a pretty non-conventional family and have realized that anything is appreciated when you live on the road! Email Us